Director Adam Wingard is opening up a bit about ‘Godzilla vs. Kong‘ by sharing details on what direction he’ll be taking these iconic creatures. He’ll be bringing them together to do battle in 2020, so we still have some time before any solid details come out. However, he did give insight on Kong and to how the film connects with ‘Godzilla 2’!

With ‘Kong: Skull Island’ set in the 70s there has been a lot of time for Kong to grow up a bit. Not only that, but he mentions that new characters which are being introduced in Mike Dougherty’s ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ (which is set to be released in 2019) will be making an appearance here:

“Ours is more in continuity with the sequel to Godzilla right now. They’re doing Godzilla 2 with Mike Dougherty directing, so our film is in present day. We have a couple characters from Godzilla 2 in ours, but it’ll be interesting to see how Kong has fared over the years. You see him in that film and he’s just constantly under attack. Things are going wrong and there’s probably been lots of human intervention since then. It’ll be interesting to see a more rugged, a bit more aged Kong in this film.”

Kong won’t just be older but will have been doing battle in the years since we last saw him, and I’m sure that will be reflected in both how he looks and acts when finally coming up against the King of the Kaiju. The plus side though is that this makes it look as if the studio is planning out their MonsterVerse to actually be connected, unlike certain other cinematic universes which just seem to be throwing things at the theater now to see what sticks.

While Godzilla has been bigger than we’ve ever seen him before that still would put Kong pretty short in comparison. However, it was noted that Kong wasn’t fully grown in his first outing so with 40+ years to grow he might be a little more evenly matched depending on how big he gets.

How similar in size do you think these creatures will be when ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ drops in 2020? Do you think these two will be battling for the entire movie or will an even greater threat force them to work together to save the world? Share your thoughts below!