The TickAmazon’s ‘The Tick‘ is going to differ from previous incarnations and the character’s creator Ben Edlund weighs in on why it’s a good thing. In fact, it is these very differences that have him excited for the show. While cinematic takes on characters are starting to try to avoid the overly done origin stories, it is the background of The Tick and Arthur which is a large part of what will be explored going forward.

These are two characters who we’ve only seen glimpses of their past in comics, television, and cartoon format but it is an area that has mostly been left unexplored – until now!

“We’re going to explore something about how The Tick is, sort of, where he comes from, in the course of this five year journey, or whatever sort of number of years it turns into being. . . . Before, it was about, ‘Oh, he has power if he doesn’t have an origin. He’s sort of every kind of superhero, we don’t need to get specifically into his origin.’ That was great, and I think this is the story of what The Tick is, it’s the first time we’re trying to tell that story. The same way that we’ve shifted the focus to Arthur as a main character.”

With Arthur being the focus and filling in a bit about how The Tick came to be it could cause huge waves in who he is. The other change of note though as mentioned in the last line above is that Arthur is the focus of the series.

“Arthur’s hero’s journey is something that was never part of these prior iterations. He was basically as much of a hero as he was ever going to be. He expressed willingness to be a hero, and The Tick put him on a roller coaster, and together they went off. That was about as much of a journey as we saw. This is a story, this is us telling a story, everything about who The Tick is as well. Get ready for an epic.”

The pilot alone already showed exactly how much Arthur’s life was in turmoil and this change into being a superhero will strain his relations probably to the breaking point. Of course, if he happens to save the city in the process it might help strengthen them if it will prove that he is actually on the right path.

I like the idea of change that they are running with, here’s just hoping they can pull it off.

Are you interested in knowing more about The Tick’s past? Do you think that Arthur being the focal point will help or hurt the show’s chances of being a hit? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend.