Netflix doesn’t release their “ratings” (or whatever the streaming equivalent of ratings would be), but they do periodically reveal what their top shows are and at last count, the Marvel Comics-based programs (even ‘Iron Fist‘) were their Top Five, trailing just behind ’13 Reasons Why’, which is the service’s #1.  (Once mighty ‘Orange Is The New Black’ formerly topped the Marvel shows but has fallen to #10!)

Netflix didn’t crash with ‘The Defenders’ the way it did when ‘Luke Cage’ was first released, but presumably they learned their lesson and made the necessary upgrades.  But considering how successful the preceding Marvel shows have been, it’s a given that ‘The Defenders’ was a smash its premiere weekend.

the defenders

The opening title sequence has been released, which you can see above.  The main title design is by Elastic.  The music is by John Paesano, who also provided the music for both seasons of ‘Daredevil’.

The credits showcase the heroes in silhouette form– Daredevil in red, naturally, Jessica Jones in purple– a bit questionable considering the events of her first season, Luke Cage in yellow and Iron Fist in green.  What’s interesting is that these images are imposed over maps of parts of New York, which, if you’ve watched the show, you realize is a very important reference.

What’s somewhat clever is how, once each hero is shown individually, they are paired off.  Iron Fist is superimposed over Luke, because as anyone familiar with the comics knows, these two co-starred in their own series for over a decade and then off and on over the years, ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ or ‘Heroes For Hire’.  (And ‘The Defenders’ does a nice job of paving the way for this partnership in the future.)  Matt and Jessica are shown together but separated, unlike Luke and Danny.  This is an example of figurative body language.  The alliance between these two is prickly to say the least, even though both come to know each other pretty well, using their individual skills.  (Let’s just say, Jessica doesn’t need enhanced senses to put two and two together.)  Finally, a similar pairing occurs at the end.  Daredevil and Iron Fist are likewise shown together but not too closely, foretelling a confrontation between the two that occurs later on, while Jessica and Luke are paired, once again harkening back to the comics, in which the two eventually have a baby together and get married.

‘The Defenders’ offers a score of Easter Eggs for comic fans, not the least of which may be the shifting of Misty Knight’s role as a police detective to a private eye, partnered with Colleen Wing.  Misty even moves closer to her comic book form.  Not to be too spoiler-y, but in the comics she has a certain… enhancement that aids in her crime fighting career.  And this series sets that alteration up for a future show to pick up.  (Although, which one isn’t clear.)

If you have seen the series, do you agree that the opening credits nicely compliment the contents of the show?