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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains SPOILERS for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Seven, so if you are not caught up, you may wish to turn back now.

After forming a bond during the first several seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’, Jerome Flynn‘s Bronn and Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister formed a close bond, culminating during the Battle of Blackwater in Season Two. Bronn the mercenary became an unlikely confidant to the Lannister family.  But after Tyrion is accused of poisoning King Joffrey then found his father Tywin in bed with his lover Shae and killed them both, he was forced to flee Westeros, ending their bromance.

In the meantime, Bronn has developed a closeness to Tyrion’s brother Jaime and has even saved his life twice– once from Daenerys’ dragons during the Loot Train Battle, then in this past week’s episode when he pulled Jaime out of a river before he could drown and then, off-camera arranging a meeting between the Lannister brothers.  However, discussing the true nature of his swordsman’s relationship to the Lannisters, questioning, “Would he have done that ridiculous stunt if he already had his castle? I’m not sure… Much as he loves Tyrion, he didn’t go in and fight the Mountain, and for good reason, as we saw. So to dive in front of a dragon’s breath of fire…”

But back to the unseen reunion between Bronn and Tyrion, Flynn says that a scene was considered but ultimately not included.  He does, however, hope to see one such scene next season.

Originally, I heard there was going to be one. They decided not to go for it. There’s something, I hope, that’s still to come, where Bronn and Tyrion might have a little bit of time for an exchange together, and shoot the breeze, as it were. Hopefully there will be some old Bronn and Tyrion dynamics coming up again. But it was a lovely scene. That was a lovely part of the whole season, all of the many reunions and all of the different storylines coming together.

Flynn also compared his connection to Tyrion to his more business-like agreement with Jaime.

Sure, there’s a fondness, but it doesn’t come close to what he feels toward Tyrion. I really do think there’s a bond between himself and Tyrion. He sees an underdog and an outcast in Tyrion, and he sees some of himself in that. He enjoys the cleverness of the man and his humor. That’s where they really met. But it’s been nice to work with both of them and have that be the unexpected extra lease on life, with Jaime. I’m very grateful to it. It’s meant that I’ve been able to keep my toe in [the show].

There are still two episodes left in Season Seven, the second-to-last of the series.  Are you looking forward to seeing more of Bronn?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter