We’ve long known that John Ridley (’12 Years A Slave’,’American Crime’) has had a mystery Marvel project in pre-development for Marvel TV and ABC, though now it’s starting to look like it might not happen. At one point many suspected that he could be working on either ‘Inhumans‘ or ‘Marvel’s Most Wanted‘ which both turned out not to be the case.

So what happened?

It’s hard to tell. The last we had heard from Ridley he stated that “I still want to do it. Hopefully, it will still get done. They’ve got a release schedule that far exceeds my life expectancy.” At the time it seemed like the studio was still interested.

Things, however, have recently changed at the studio end. “Hopefully, it will still get done,” Ridley explained. “They’ve got a release schedule that far exceeds my life expectancy.”

When ABC’s President Channing Dungey was asked for an update on the mystery show his response was rather cryptic:

“I’m actually not sure. That’s a question for Marvel.”

With excitement for ‘Inhumans’ being pretty low from initial trailers and a lot of work going into both Netflix and Hulu for other content, Marvel TV might be losing their love for ABC outside of anything directly tied to ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’. Ratings for ‘Inhumans’ might be what ends up pushing this mystery project through the door and officially moving forward or being put on the back burner indefinitely. At this time, though, it feels as if the show may have fallen to the wayside.

Are you sad to hear that John Ridley’s mystery project might never see the light of day? What property do you think they were going to have him adapt? Share your thoughts below True Believers!