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Ever since Ryan Murphy confirmed that all of ‘American Horror Story‘ was actually connected, we’ve seen fans trying to find out how and now the creator has shared a new hint. From various characters to locations and more appearing between the different seasons, there has been a lot of groundwork laid but it could be that an even bigger picture is about to emerge when we see Twisty the Clown reappearing after ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ when he was killed and became a ghost of sorts.

How is it going to happen? Well, with nine seasons greenlit it looks like we’re actually being treated to the fan favorite theory that we’re witnessing the nine levels of Hell. Here is the breakdown so far:


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It looks like the upcoming season will be about Heresy with Lust and Violence rounding out the seasons of what is to come. Now, it could also just be that he’s having fun with fans or it could be that we’ll be slowly getting a more demonic vibe filtering into the series. As Murphy has previously stated that he plans for a Murder House and Coven crossover season, it would be easy to see either one of those falling into Lust or Violence depending how things will play out.

You have to wonder, though, if this will represent the various circles of Hell as Hell on Earth or if we’re actually witnessing the dead. That could prove for an interesting tenth season to really explain things while lighting the entire world which Murphy has created on fire.

Do you think that we’re actually going to be watching Hell or is Murphy having fun with viewers? Are you looking forward ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ when it debuts on September 5th, 2017? share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly