Ever since Spike TV decided to add scripted television to the network, I’ve been hoping that ‘The Mist‘ would be done properly and the latest announcement has my hopes up for the series. With the series going into production this summer, it didn’t seem like we’d have to wait long for announcements and the first is a biggy: Adam Bernstein (‘Breaking Bad’,’Better Call Saul’) will be directing the pilot episode!

With 10 one-hour episodes going into production, it is unknown if he’ll be directing more of them or be  involved in any way past that but having directed pilots for ‘Fargo’, ’30 Rock’, and ‘Scrubs,’ he has quite a bit of experience in kicking off a new series for a network.  At the very least he’ll help shape the focus on the series and under his guiding hand quite a few other shows have developed quite the following.

Spike is describing ‘The Mist’ as “a harrowing story about a seemingly innocuous mist that seeps into a small town and creates immense havoc.” The horrors within can tend to have a Lovecraftian feel from how it has been discussed in the past and how the film showed them. Either way, you don’t generally get a look at the monsters right off the bat but just what they’re capable of.

No word on casting yet but over the coming year we’ll be sharing developments as they are announced.

Are you looking forward to this take on ‘The Mist’? Do you feel that Bernstein is the right choice for kicking off the series? Share your thoughts below!

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