While the 2009 release of ‘Watchmen‘ told a complete story there was more of the world which could have been explored, and actor Jackie Earle Haley has opened up as to why he feels it was never explored. For those who remember the movie’s release, we saw both Paramount and 20th Century Fox hitting Warner Brothers with lawsuits around the film which caused all kinds of chaos. Haley did a great job at playing Walter Kovacs, better known as Rorschach in the movie and would have been happy to reprise the role and thinks the studio would have liked to continue as well.

According to Haley:

“I wish they would have gone on. You know, I think they probably would have gone on and done more films with Watchmen, different versions of it, because I think there was enough success that they could have gone back in time or done something with it. But I think the thing that really kind of held it up was the fact that there was this contention of ownership between Warner Bros and Paramount.”

Paramount was the original rights owners for ‘Watchmen’ and the studios had negotiated a deal where Paramount could distribute the movie international with Warner Brothers domestically. However, it sounds like that wasn’t the only problem that came up between the studios:

“Dude, it was like Paramount waited until [Watchmen] was pregnant. We were at the end of production when Paramount said ‘Oh, and by the way…'”

Adding more fuel to the fire was 20th Century Fox who had filed a lawsuit months before the film was out claiming they had rights to the film. The claim didn’t go through for ‘Watchmen,’ however, it did guarantee that Fox would get revenue from any sequel or spin-off that would get made. Combine that with ‘Watchmen’ not being a box office smash, and that probably was the final nail in the coffin of another cinematic take.

One can only hope that HBO series which looks to be happening means that all of this has been sorted out at this time.

Were you happy with what we had with ‘Watchmen’ or are you annoyed that a larger cinematic world could have happened? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend