The trouble with a new series is that you never know how it will stack up to what came before, but ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ is going to be bringing back a key species to the show! Introduced in the original series, this species has also made appearances in a variety of the ‘Star Trek’ series which came after. In fact, from what we learned about this species and their connection to Klingons in ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ it is fitting that they’d make an appearance here where Klingons are so central to the plot.

That’s right folks, according to executive producer Alex Kurtzman we’re getting Tribbles! While he didn’t confirm how or why we’ll see them, when asked if we would the answer was a simple “Yes, Tribbles, yes.”

Klingons have stated that this species is their “mortal enemies” so it would be fun to see them have to deal with the species. When near Klingons, the Tribbles are violent and let out a high pitched shriek which would be fun to see what happens on a Klingon ship if these were running rampant. With this being a cold war between the Klingons and Federation you almost would have to wonder if someone from the Federation might try to smuggle or beam one of these onto a Klingon ship just to see what would happen.

We learned in ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ that they were first encountered in the 2100’s so in theory the crew of the Discovery should already be aware of what they are. Or, be able to look them up. Of course, we’ve seen in other iterations that just knowing about the species doesn’t prevent them from overrunning Federation ships or stations.

As the Klingons are responsible for destroying the Tribble’s homeworld in the 23rd century I would be highly entertained if we saw some of the groundwork as to why these species so hate one another be laid here.

Are you looking forward to a return of the Tribbles in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? Do you feel that we’ll get more of the reason on why these two species hate one another? share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend