Game of Thrones

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! Skip this article if you want to go into ‘The Queen’s Justice’ without any hint of what’s to come!

New photos released to the internet have teased a meeting 6 seasons and 62 episodes in the making, namely that of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, which could result in an alliance that will change the fate of Westeros. Fans have been waiting for these characters to meet for years, and their hidden familial bond has made it even more important for them to meet up and realize they should be working together to conquer the 7 kingdoms and bring down Cersei and her ilk. Of course, a big question is whether this meeting will also involve Jon Snow finally learning of that particular ancestry, but since the photos also seem to show that Varys is present in the Dragonstone throne room with Dany, that knowledge could very well come out, as the Spider is the most likely character to know the full history of Jon Snow and reveal it to him.

Other photos from the episode show Greyworm in full helm, ostensibly preparing for war, but whether the plan is still for him, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki to take Casterly Rock or to hit King’s Landing proper we do not yet know, but at least this hints at some big action for the episode. And of course we see Littlefinger talking to Sansa, most likely trying to sway her to some scheme he is hatching now that she is in charge of Winterfell in Jon’s absence. We can only hope her skills are up to the task of diffusing any situation he puts her in. More interesting to me is the photo of Melissandre and Varys speaking on the cliffs of Dragonstone as I do not believe these two characters have ever had a one on one conversation before. I would think they would have some interesting things to discuss, what with him being so knowledgeable due to his little birds, and her also being knowledgeable because of her prophecies and her own age.

All in all, these photos tease a lot going on in Episode 3, and I cannot wait for Sunday to see Dany and Jon finally meet, and see the story continue! Check out the photos for yourself below, and share any theories you might have on what they could mean in the comments section!

Source: HollywoodReporter