The Gifted

The ‘X-Men’ comics were founded on dealing with bigotry and racism, so it is great to hear that Fox’s ‘The Gifted‘ will be putting those themes front and center. The films have also touched on this to some degree as bigotry towards mutant kind has been a driving force behind Magneto’s quest for power in the original films and the creation of the Sentinels in the second trilogy. However, actress Emma Dumont has gone further into detail about how it will be tackled in the series.

Dumont is playing Lorna Dane, better known to fans as the green-haired Polaris and biological daughter of Magneto has shared that the show will be dealing directly with modern day bigotry.

According to Dumont:

“Yeah, I’m going to say straight-up you guys, our show’s about bigotry. I’m sorry, but we see it in the first scene when Blink’s running for her life and a cop could easily kill her dead with zero consequences, because of prejudice. Because of prejudging her for something people are uncomfortable with, that they don’t understand, because people are born with this thing, and that is literally where we live.”

In fact, with the show being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia much of the cast and crew became directly inspired by their surroundings on how to portray this mutant-filled world:

“It is heartbreaking, but I hope this show throws up a mirror on society. We love filming in Georgia, because it was such a big part of the civil rights movement in the United States, and yeah our mutant underground is based on the underground railroad. I mean, we aren’t trying to hide it, we’re not being cool. We’re being like, for real, these are the issues we want to talk about.”

Jamie Chung who plays Blink expanded on this by saying that:

“It’s extremely important, I think that is why [Matt Nix] wanted to create this show and highlight it. It’s not comparable to what people are actually going through, but I think it makes our show quite different because we are highlighting those current events issues.”

While it is clear that the idea of Mutants being persecuted is integral to the show as we’ll be seeing a family torn apart by it, it remains to be seen how much will actually be shown on screen.

Are you looking forward to Fox’s ‘The Gifted’? Happy to hear that the series is planning on using mutants to talk about our society in the same way that the comics traditionally have? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘The Gifted’ will be blinking onto Fox on Monday, October 2nd, 2017!

Source:  Den Of Geek.