SDCC Cosplay

This past week I was lucky enough to attend San Diego Comic Con 2017, and aside from attending all the panels I could, hitting up as many booths as possible to see what cool items were available to purchase, I made sure to take some time to appreciate the amazing cosplayers in attendance. As usual, the fans at Comic Con did not disappoint, as I spoke to many who talked about the months of work that went into their detailed and spectacular costumes, and you could not help but appreciate the dedication these fans have. Whether it be showing their love for ‘Moana,’ ‘Stranger Things’ (the demogorgon costume was pretty amazing), or the creepy woman in the yellow trench coat with the red balloon from ‘It’ (who I swear was following me around because I saw her like five times over the course of my 4 days at the convention), the cosplayers are definitely what make these conventions special, and well-worth the effort of obtaining a ticket and fighting the crowds.

In the first part of my cosplay collection, my favorites have to be the man in the Lex Luther Power Suit with the functional lights on his palms, the T-Rex cosplaying as Batman (who looks even more hilarious in person I can assure you), the the little dog in the Robin costume, the Mary Poppins/Yondu woman, and because I am such a huge fan of the game and the series, all of the cosplayers who came out to Comic Con this year dressed as Link from ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.’ Special mention has to go out to the guy I found dressed up as Forrest Gump (my favorite movie of all time), and the group who came dressed as the cast of ‘Hamilton,’ as they were definitely thinking outside of the box (chocolate box in Forrest’s case).

Check out the photos from round 1 of my SDCC 2017 Cosplay collection below!