Making an announcement from what appears to be a rooftop in San Diego, comic book creator-turned-toymaker Todd McFarlane announced today at San Diego Comic Con that a new ‘Spawn‘ film is officially starting production, under the guidance of Jason Blum and his ever-growing horror/suspense studio Blumhouse Productions.

McFarlane posted a video to his Facebook page to make the announcement.  With indie filmmaker Kevin Smith bouncing around in the background (with good reason, as Smith is spearheading ‘Sam and Twitch,’ a series for BBC America based on two characters introduced in ‘Spawn), McFarlane told the world:

“We have just signed – if you like the movies ‘Insidious’ … ‘Paranormal Activity’ … ‘The Purge’ … ‘Split’ … and ‘Get Out’ by Jordan Peele… all of those movies have one thing in common: they were all produced by one man and his production company.  Blumhouse Productions and Jason Blum did all those movies, and we just signed him, just yesterday… the ink is just dry, and we’ve gone from the theoretical.  We’re now making movies. We’re going.  Jason Blum.  Blumhouse.  Spawn.  Badass.  Rated R.  It’s coming.  We’re going into production.”

It’s an intriguing marriage, as Blumhouse has indeed produced some of the best mid-to low-budget horror films of the last 5-10 years, and a ‘Spawn’ film could very easily fit into that mold.  McFarlane has been working on various pitches for a new ‘Spawn’ film for the last several years;  the character has already been seen on the big screen in a 1997 film from New Line, and on TV via a cartoon series just a few years after the film’s release, on HBO.

No word yet on any specifics such as casting or release date, but it’s also being reported that McFarlane is directing the film as well.