Game of Thrones

If you can’t wait until Sunday to get your ‘Game of Thrones‘ fix, we’ve got a few photos from the premiere episode of Season 7 courtesy of HBO! With the network already having released the titles and synopsis of the first three episodes, this isn’t all going to come as a surprise. However, there are a few faces showing up that we didn’t know would be appearing so soon! It’s just one more set of reasons to be excited for the upcoming season to debut.

Obviously, if you don’t want to see who is going to be appearing when the series returns on Sunday you should turn back now!

Still with me? Good, good, your journey to the dark side is now complete! Wait, wrong franchise (and genre.) However, we will start off with a fight scene that you’ll quite enjoy as we have Brienne and Podrick fighting in Winterfell! This is likely a continuation of her promise to train the young squire.

Next up, we have one of the few rulers who isn’t making a play for the Iron Throne but could probably sit upon it by her pure conviction alone as Lyanna Mormont is happily making an unexpected return in the first episode!

We’ve seen Queen Cersei walking over a map of Westeros in the trailers and it looks as if we’ll be seeing this floor prepared on the show assuming this isn’t a behind-the-scenes shot.

Here is a shot of Daenerys looking up with almost amazement on her face. I suspect that this is the scene where she’ll first be witnessing her return to Dragonstone.

Speaking of that map we showed off above, here is Cersei who looks to have just walked across a completed version of it.

We know nothing about what to expect when Snow teams up with Wildlings this season to take on the White Walkers but this is surely going to be leading into one of the battle scenes which were teased in the trailers!

Of course, it won’t just be the Wildlings involved as The Knight’s Watch will strive to keep Westeros safe from the oncoming storm!

These are the last of the previews which HBO has announced will be released prior to Sunday’s release so don’t expect any last-minute teasers or trailers to catch your attention.

Which of these new shots is your favorite for the upcoming ‘Game of Thrones’ episode titled “Dragonstone”? Were there any surprises here that you weren’t expecting? Whose story do you want to get back to first when the show starts? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.