Captain America

WARNING: This article contains extremely mild spoilers about certain scenes in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ If you don’t wish to have this information spoiled for you, the time to stop reading is now!

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is rolling strong at the box office following its opening weekend, and fans seem to be appreciating this new cinematic take on the friendly neighborhood web-slinger, even though there have been a few complaints about the film’s liberties with certain aspects of the main character and his supporting cast.

One thing that everyone seems to agree on, though, is the Captain America “public service announcements” as seen in the film are hilarious.  And good news for fans: plenty more were filmed, and we’ll get to see them all on the movie’s home-video release.

In a recent interview, director Jon Watts explained his thought process behind shooting the PSAs, including how he ended up with so many of them:

“We put it together like it was the actual DVD that they show at the school, so it just is clicking from one to another to another. I just wrote pages of them ’cause I had Chris Evans for however amount of time, so I just fed him. I think we had a teleprompter actually, so he was just… it was like Captain America just showed up and had to do this stuff for the government. He’s just reading it off the scrolling thing and being like, ‘Are you sure you want me to say this?’ When we were shooting, Eric Carroll, one of the Marvel producers, and I just started laughing about, ‘What if we did one about patience and make that be a final thing?’”

Watts indicates that there are at least 10 different PSAs in total, so here’s hoping that we get to see all of them included on the movie’s Blu-Ray/DVD release later this year!

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is currently playing in US theaters nationwide.