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Well, maybe we can now finally find out if Annie was okay or not.  CBS is producing a new animated Halloween special centered around the music of Michael Jackson.  We all know that one of Jackson’s most popular songs was ‘Thriller’ a tribute to classic horror films which featured a voice-over by Vincent Price, who starred in numerous movies in that genre.  The music video for the song is one of the most famous– if not THE most famous– in music history.  The special will appropriately be entitled ‘Michael Jackson’s Halloween’.

Lucas Till from the ‘X-Men’ franchise will voice a character named Vincent, which is surely an homage to Price.  Opposite him, Kiersey Clemons will portray Victoria.  (Clemons was cast as Iris West in ‘The Flash’ movie, but that film has hit some hurdles, so that may change.)  Vincent and Victoria, along with Ichabod the dog will encounter some spooky goings-on at the mysterious This Place Hotel, located at 777 Jackson Street.  (‘This Place Hotel’ was also a Jackson song, although a lesser known one.)  Presumably they went with 777 as opposed to 666, because… well, you know.

Below is a first look image from the show:

The vocal cast will also include an all-star roster that features Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming, Jim Parsons, Lucy Liu, George Eads and Brad Garrett.

And Jackson himself will make an animated appearance in the final dance routine, which will most likely be set to ‘Thriller’ but he has a number of fright-themed songs including ‘Ghosts’, ‘Is It Scary’ and to a degree, his duet with his sister Janet, ‘Scream’, all of which may be showcased in the special.

Mark A.Z. Dippé will direct for Optimum Productions.  The Estate of Michael Jackson will co-produce.

Jackson suddenly died in 2009, but there have been several posthumous projects released since then including the documentary ‘This Is It’ which chronically his preparation for a tour that sadly never materialized.  There was also an accompanying soundtrack, then a Cirque Du Soleil tribute show.  And of course, his musical legacy continues to earn new fans everyday.

Are you ready to ‘Scream’ to this ‘Thriller’?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter