Just in time for the 50th Anniversary of the animated classic, ‘The Beatles: Yellow Submarine’ will be getting a comic book release in 2018 thanks to Bill Morrison, the creator of Bongo Comics and currently, the incoming editor for MAD Magazine. Morrison was given the opportunity to write and illustrate the new comic by Titan Comics, a job he was more than happy to take due to his life-long love of both the Beatles and the movie the comic is based on. The deal for the project itself was struck between Apple Corps Ltd. and Titan Comics thanks to the work of Bravado International, who handles most licensing for the Beatles in North America. The publishing director for Titan Comics, Chris Teather, expressed his excitement for the project in a statement recently by saying:

“We’re thrilled to be publishing The Beatles: Yellow Submarine for the 50th Anniversary of this fantastic movie. We can’t wait for Beatles fans to experience this official adaptation.”

For those who do not remember the original movie, it was released in July of 1968 and had animated versions of Paul, John, George and Ringo being led by Captain Fred to a place called Pepperland where they worked to rescue the place from the threat of the Blue Meanies, villains who despised music. The movie was mainly animated, with a live-action cameo from the Beatles themselves, and featured some unreleased Beatle tracks that made the film very exciting for the fans. It went on to both critical and fan acclaim, even winning the New York Film Critics Circle Special Award in 1968, and is still remembered fondly by fans to this day, including, Bill Morrison, who claims it has been a decades long dream of his to make the movie into a comic.

Check out some of Morrison’s artwork from the new comic below, and then feel free to share your thoughts on ‘The Beatles: Yellow Submarine’ being adapted to comic book form in the comments section!

Source: THR