Ever since the last election, politics have become a hot topic often triggering hearty debates, but regardless of your political leanings, it can be agreed upon that nothing more villainous has resided in the White House than these supervillains… well… then again, this too can be debated among some people. Anyway, in honor of Independence Day, here is our top 10 list of supervillains who we’re happy no longer has their hold on America.

10. Zartan

In the G.I. Joe films (yes, I called them films) Cobra nanotechnology helps Zartan assume the appearance of the President. He orders air-strikes against the Joes to great success until he inevitably loses.


9. Doctor Doom

Doom conquered the United States in 2099, made himself President and did what you’d expect Doom to do in that position. It’s worth noting that he also became a God of his own universe in 2015’s ‘Secret Wars’, so this President thing isn’t that impressive.


8. Captain America

A cosmic cube enabled Hydra resulted in Captain America making the U.S. a Hydra territory. There is a clear Nazi occupation feel with the heroes that didn’t join Cap going underground.


7. General Zod

While Superman was shacking up with Lois, General Zod and his two Kryptonian criminals quickly took power of ‘Planet Houston.’ They invaded the White House and the President kneeled before Zod.


6. Norman Osborn

Osborn took a break from being the Green Goblin to become the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He got the job after ending the Secret Invasion of Skrulls, complete with his own set of Avengers (consisting for fellow supervillains.)


5. Red Skull

In the original ‘Old Man Logan’ the bad guys organized and took down most every hero. America was divided up among the major villains with the Red Skull taking the top spot in Washington D.C..


4. Samaritan

A rival A.I. to the Machine in ‘Person of Interest’, Samaritan took over the government through surveillance and intimidation then made ruthless decisions regarding humanity. A debate of the show was whether the Samaritan’s ends justified its means, but since humans could not exactly know the A.I.’s ends, it seemed like a good idea to shut it down.


3. President Business

Appearing to the public as a standard politician, Lord Business is a supervillain in disguise with the goal of eliminating all creativity and imagination to have an orderly world. Not awesome.


2. Superman

In the alternate universe of the video game and comic book series ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’, Superman becomes a tyrant after the Joker kills a pregnant Lois and destroys Metropolis. His Regime takes over America (and later abroad) with the motivation to keep everyone safe. Main characters die pretty regularly in the comic so…mission not accomplished.


1. Lex Luthor

When Luthor isn’t a known criminal, he’s a fairly popular businessman. So much so that he was once elected president in both the comics and animated series. His administration had it’s ups and downs until he claimed that Superman was magically drawing an asteroid to earth, took a kryptonite steroid, and went (more) insane.