American Horror Story

We know that the seventh season of ‘American Horror Story‘ has to do with the election cycle from last year but new behind-the-scenes shots have surfaced and they hint that just like in the real world, immigration might become a hot topic. We’ve seen sketch art of a monster and an elephant styled creature which was also reflected on Colton Haynes’ casting announcement. Past that? Not a whole lot.

Today though some behind-the-scenes images are showing up where it is being filmed in Southern California as we see protestors holding up signs in Sarah Paulson’s face. One says “Murderer, in fact ” but another here says “Immigrants Welcome.” It is of course, too early to tell if this is just related to the politics at hand or will, in fact, be a cornerstone of the upcoming season.

Before I go any further, let’s take a quick look at the shots.

It looks as if Sarah Paulson’s character will either be a politician that shares some of Trump’s platform or possibly be even be part of his ticket. Interestingly enough we also see Evan Peters on set here rocking some blue hair but no further hints as to what his role could be.

One of the primary fun locations here is clearly “The Butchery on Main” which calls back to the Pig Man, Kathy Bates’ The Butcher, and the styling even resembles a bit of the Hotel Cortez so I suspect we might have some sort of a tie-in to one of the past seasons here.

What do you think the significance of these scenes will be? Are any of them a hint at past seasons? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly