Han Solo Jabba the Hut

Despite all of the negative press that the ‘Han Solo’ movie has been receiving as of late with the firing of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, there are still some bits of news coming from the production that are relatively exciting, and more spoiler-based than negative. This is one of those.

Apparently, according to ‘The Hashtag Show,‘  the movie is going to spend some time setting up how exactly Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo’s relationship went so wrong. It will basically set up why Jabba ending up sending Greedo after Han Solo during the events of the first ‘Star Wars’ film, ‘A New Hope,’ and what led to Han dropping his shipment before he was boarded by an Imperial Cruiser.

While it is true that most of this was already explained in the original trilogy and does not necessarily need to be retreaded, it is an essential part of Han’s backstory. Personally, if done in a new and interesting way, it could be cool to see a young and lithe Jabba slithering around the movie, maybe even during a time when he and Han are friends, or at least friendly with each other. This would make for an interesting dynamic. The rumor also hints that all of the Jabba stuff plays an integral part in the ‘Han Solo’ script by Lawrence Kasdan, which means that Jabba will not just be a quick cameo, but an actual character in the film. ‘The Hashtag Show’ also claims that the character will be done using both CGI and old-school animatronic puppetry (similar to what we saw in ‘Return of the Jedi’). This is always better, as I prefer my special effects to be done practically as much as they can nowadays.

Of course, for anyone who used to read the old expanded universe novels, Jabba playing a role in Han’s backstory may seem like a no-brainer, but it is cool to know the gangster will be there playing a big part, and I hope they find an interesting way to bring him to life.

What are your thoughts on having Jabba in an expanded role in the film? Share your opinions and any theories you might have in the comments below!

Source:: Nerdist