Avatar james cameron

James Cameron‘s ‘Avatar‘ may have had a lackluster plot but the 3D that he used was revolutionary. Now he’s planning on doing it again in ‘Avatar 2‘ by giving us glasses-free 3D. His technology and cinematic pushing of boundaries and this latest one will once again have a wow-factor to bring in audiences. Will it be enough to topple ‘Avatar’ as the highest grossing feature film of all time at the box office? That is far too early to say, but the idea of experiencing a fully 3D movie without glasses has me intrigued at the very least.

Cameron’s production company Lightstorm Entertainment is working with Christie Digital on ‘Avatar 2’ through 5 and bringing this will be done using Christie Digital’s new RGB laser projection system. With this new “pure laser” technology being able “to use 60,000 lumens” when showing off high frame rates in full color it will mean even clearer pictures than ever before. We don’t yet have the information on how this works or how widespread the technology will be at the time of the next Avatar sequel’s release, but the prospect sounds fascinating.

The film is going into production this September so a roll out of the projection system would have to start happening sooner than later for a widespread experience. We’ve still got some time before the 2020 release, and with three years a lot can happen. With ‘Avatar’ setting a new standard in 3D which has almost become the norm after its release you can’t help but take notice when the famed director has another new trick up his sleeve.

Are you excited to hear about watching ‘Avatar 2’ and the rest of the sequels in 3D without glasses? Is this enough of a gimmick to bring you back to the theater once more? Share your thoughts below!

We will journey to Pandora once again in ‘Avatar 2’ when it hits theaters on December 18th, 2020.

Source: Screen Rant