The story came to a satisfactory ending at the finale of ‘I am Legend’, but that’s not stopping Hollywood from pushing ahead with a sequel. Deadline reported earlier today that Warner Brother, Akiva Goldsman, and Overbrook Entertainment have just signed up to make another ‘I Am Legend’ movie. Warner Brothers wants Will Smith to return to the role of Robert Neville, the scientist he played in the original 2007 movie.

The issue comes with the fact that (and big spoiler here if you haven’t seen ‘I am Legend’) Will Smith’s character died at the end of the first movie. So what does that mean for further installments? The rumor that’s been passed around these last few years is that the new movie will be a prequel. However, the deal doesn’t confirm this one way or the other. Either way, Hollywood isn’t about to let the death of a character keep them from making another movie since the first one brought in $584 million in the worldwide box office.

Warner Brothers has also brought on Arash Amel to write the script for the new film. Amel is a relative newcomer to Hollywood with only two screenplays under his belt. Of course, his script for the Grace Kelly biopic ‘Grace of Monaco’ is getting a lot of attention and being turned into a film under the direction of Oliver Dahan (‘La ve en Rose’).

It may be Amel’s script that makes or breaks this one as Will Smith will not commit to a new movie until he sees the script. But if Smith doesn’t do it, I’m sure there will be rewrites and this movie will get made one way or another. What do you think of Warner Brothers making a sequel to a movie that had a definitive ending like ‘I am Legend’? Would you like to see Smith return in a prequel?