Fans of Isaac Asimov’s ‘The Foundation Trilogy‘ have a new reason to be thrilled as it is being developed as a television series!

‘The Foundation Trilogy’ is a set of short stories which have been tried both cinematically and as a series for HBO but just hasn’t been able to get off the ground. The original tales were all delivered in 1942 in ‘Astounding Magazine.’ Set in a world where the Galactic Empire ruled all the galaxy, one man had the ability to see the future. In it, he saw the Empire falling, and his life’s work suddenly became to record and save the knowledge of humankind before it was wiped out from the fall of the Empire. The Foundation, a group of engineers and artists, must maintain this knowledge and bring about a better future for humanity.

The series is going to be brought to life by David Goyer (‘The Dark Knight’,’Constantine’) and Josh Friedman (‘War of the Worlds’,’Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’) who are planning on adapting ‘Foundation’, ‘Foundation and Empire’, and ‘Second Foundation’ to the screen as an original story. Skydance Television is said to be producing the series.

The politics, thoughts of the rise and fall of an empire, and more are timed perfectly for a modern day telling though it will be hard to avoid tropes that ‘Star Wars’ borrowed without looking to be following in George Lucas’s footsteps when the short stories were released.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Foundation Trilogy’ looking to finally getting a cinematic adaptation? What network do you feel would be the best fit for the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline