After decades off the radar and a quick (albiet fantastic) franchise reboot, the original ‘Evil Dead’ series is back with ‘Ash Vs. The Evil Dead’! This series is a follow up to the original ‘Evil Dead Trilogy’ of films and after a successful first season Starz has brought back ‘Ash Vs. The Evil Dead’ for what looks like an amazing second season! Ash and his crew, including Pablo (Ray Santiago), Kelly(Dana Delorenzo), and now the season one big bad Ruby, who is played by the legendary Lucy Lawless! Season Two looks to be coming at us bigger and harder than Season One, and we were lucky enough to sit down with Lucy Lawless to talk about her thoughts on Season Two, which began airing earlier this month!

With your work on ‘Ash vs. The Evil Dead’, and your work on the new show ‘Salem’ as well, do you like working in this field? Specifically on television? Or is this just working overall towards your career as a whole?lucy-lawless-as-rubyjpg-2c4fe1_765w

Lucy Lawless: Oh, you think I have any power of choice in any of this? You think that I’ve engineered this career? I didn’t! I just float like a jellyfish “oh that sounds like fun!”, “Oh lets go live here”, “Oh I like those people I want to go work with them! Work with Bruce (Campbell) and Ted (Raimi) and my husband! That sounds like the best idea ever!”, and whatever I’m doing is my new favorite thing! So I have never ever, ever, EVER, specifically gunned for something that I wanted. Which is peculiar, don’t you think? Honestly I’m more of a “path of least resistance” girl.

Do you relate to your character Ruby from the show?

LL: No! Never!

So you don’t feel like inside you’ve got a Deadite assassin living in there?

LL: Actually, yes. I may have a little bit of an assassin in me. I would save it for people who are truly rotten to the planet!

It seems like it’d be a fun role because you get to flirt with the line between being not a good guy, but also kind of a good guy?

LL: Yeah! It’s very dual all the time! It’s quite funny, but when you’re playing these kinds of characters, and I’ve done it before, but when you’re playing these kinds of characters like D’Anna on ‘Battlestar Galactica’, when you play a character who is horrible and mistrusted… nobody wants to sit with you at lunch! People have trouble seperating sort of “are you a good witch, or a bad witch?”! But I don’t have that kind of problem on the set of “Ash Vs. The Evil Dead”!

Ash vs. Evil Dead Key Art Shoot2016Oh yes, that white dress you wear towards the end of Season One of ‘Ash Vs. The Evil Dead’ was just straight up D’Anna!

LL: Yeah, that white dress was a pain in the ass! We thought that “well if it’s white we’re just going to cover it in blood! Sploosh!” But it just never really happened, so that was the only reason for the white dress! To mess it up!

The difference between your entrance in Season One where you’re driving the car and in Season Two where you’re basically just fighting for your life, do you feel like we’re going to get to see a different side of what Ruby is going through?

LL: Very much! Ruby has a big journey. She develops a little bit of what one might call ‘heart’, through her relationships with Pablo and Kelly. Her aim is to win them over, but they kind of get inside her head!

We know you spent a lot of time on your old series, ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’, and people have long since compared her to ‘Wonder Woman’. What are your thoughts on the idea that now ‘Wonder Woman’ is queer, and the longstanding talks that ‘Xena’ had many queer undertones?

LL: Wait, Wonder Woman is gay now?

Well DC has released that it is officially cannon that she is queer. Like they all had relationships before she left the Amazons, but because they were all women it wasn’t about being queer it was just who you fell in love with. xena

LL: Well I think that was in the original story! It was always there, and we always knew about it. I don’t think I realized it until around episode eight of ‘Xena’, when the Villager Voice from New York made it a cause for the gay community here. It was a big surprise to me and Renee but not for the producers who knew from the start what would happen and totally fermented it. Renee and I were laughing about it, and they were just like ‘cool!’. I really credit the gay community with giving it… pardon the wording here but sort of giving it a ‘groove’, and making it hip and edgy, because they were the first people to really beat the drama for ‘Xena’.

With Season One of ‘Ash Vs. The Evil Dead’ you worked with Bruce Campbell, who is kind of a character unto himself. Now with Season Two you’ve got Ted Raimi and we’ve heard that they kind of banter off of each other. What is it like working with the two of them together like that?

LL: Those Shemps? Well, dinner at one of our houses is just like a ‘Stooges’ movie- the whole time! There’s like flying potatos and… well not really, but the conversation is non-stop banter! People can’t handle it! We invited this girl who was like a stand-in from ‘Xena’ to one of these dinners and she was kind of appalled! She wanted to ask me “so Lucy tell me about your studies” and they were just like “Bwahhh! Wun-wub-wub-wub!” and just drowned out any intelligent discussion! Anyway, it may have been too much, because she never came back to one of our dinners after that.


Be sure to watch Lucy Lawless as Ruby, alongside Bruce Campbell, Lee Majors, Ted Raimi, Ray Santiago, and Dana Delorenzo in ‘Ash Vs The Evil Dead’ on Starz to see Ash and the gang “shoot first and ask questions never”! Season One recently released on DVD & Bluray, while Season Two is just getting underway now!

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