Titan Comics has just announced that it will be releasing a comic book prequel to ‘Independence Day: Resurgence‘ which will help bridge the 20 year gap since the release of the original ‘Independence Day’ in 1996. Currently the comic is untitled though it is being described as “a rich psychological prison drama” which will take place after the events in the first film. How much time will have passed is at this point unclear.

Editor Steve White says that this is “a golden opportunity to segue nicely into next year’s blockbuster sequel by taking the mythos of the original and maybe adding a little darkness to it.” While a release date hasn’t been announced, I expect it to be within 2 months of the film hitting the big screen. There is also no word at this time as to which writers and artists are attached to the project.

It is curious that they are adding darkness to the franchise and even though the world was coming to an end, the original ‘Independence Day’ was more of a lighthearted movie. This makes me wonder if the tone for the sequel will be following the direction of the comic or the original.

Titan Comics has a long history of releasing comics that are related to ongoing television shows as a way to bridge the gaps in between seasons and add more to their perspective worlds. Currently the press has ongoing series for ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Blacklist’ with plans to release one for NBC’s ‘Heroes Reborn.’ For video games they’ve expanded the worlds of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘The Evil Within.’ On the film end of the spectrum, I believe that this will be their first take on a live action film as they’ve released tie-ins for ‘Home’ and ‘Penguins.’

Are you looking forward to a comic tie-in to the world of ‘Independence Day’?

‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ will blow up the big screens on June 24, 2016.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter