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WARNING: This article contains spoilers surrounding the plot of ‘Wonder Woman’ – if you haven’t seen the film and wish to avoid hearing this information, then your best bet is to stop reading now!

Wonder Woman‘ is a bonafide hit, grossing over $100 million domestically and over $200 million globally in its first weekend of release.  For production company Warner Brothers, the clear “next move” for Diana Prince would be to ensure that her solo release gets a sequel (the character will return in this Fall’s ‘Justice League,’ of course) – but could any of the ensemble cast return for a ‘Wonder Woman 2?’

It would certainly seem challenging, to say the least.  First and foremost, the movie was set in the World War I era, and all other iterations of seeing Diana on-screen have happened or are planned to happen in the present, so other characters that the audience met in the first film may physically not be able to be present in a, well, present-set film. Secondly, in the film’s climactic scenes, it appeared that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) sacrificed his life to “save today” while disposing of the deadly neurotoxin gas, so his return could be a difficult feat to accomplish as well.

It’s not impossible, of course; if any movie series could pull of the return of a dead character, it’s obviously a comic-book film.  In an interview prior to the film’s release, director Patty Jenkins and Pine were asked about the possibility of Trevor returning for future installments; ever non-committal, the duo danced around the subject with grace.  Said Jenkins:

“All I can say is it was a dilemma. It’s something I hope we don’t talk about in the public [because] I want people to see, but it’s very hard to know which characters will be in the next movie because of the time period, so it’s a big question.”

For his part, Pine seemed up for the task, but wondered in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion whether he should be the “primary” star of a future film:

“The movie’s gotta come out [first], and then we’ll see. What about Wonder Man?”

Notwithstanding a crossing over to Marvel to play Simon Williams (look out, Nathan Fillion!), the fate of Pine’s Trevor will be left “officially” unspoken for at least a while longer, it seems.

‘Wonder Woman’ is in American theaters now!

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