Understandably, Disney and Marvel (and of course Sony) are very excited about next month’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ and are heavily promoting the introduction of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler into the MCU. This past weekend, to get the youngsters hyped up, Disney aired a special called “A Fan’s Guide to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ ” which was a fun 30 minute promo giving us all kinds of behind the scenes footage from the movie, and a deeper dive into the characters, the actors playing those characters, and some closer looks at Peter’s new suit provided by Tony Stark. Adding to the list of abilities we know the suit has, the special confirmed that the suit has a built in GPS so Tony can keep track of Peter, as well as a self-heater to keep Peter warm while he’s web-slinging on those cold winter nights.

Holland was very impressed with the suit itself, commenting in the special:

“The suit is one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me in my whole life. Wearing that suit for the first time was a dream come true. To this day I can’t actually believe that it’s happened.”

The special also delved into some of the plot elements for the movie, including the fact that although the film sets up Peter in the MCU, they worked very hard to stay away from points of his story that we had seen in previous films. While speaking on how it is a different kind of origin story for Peter Parker, Marvel head-honcho Kevin Feige said:

“We come at it in a different light, he’s been Spider-Man for at least six months when we meet him. We don’t do the spider bite, we don’t do the death of Uncle Ben, we’ve seen that before.”

The special also spoke with most of the cast about their various characters, the highlights of which you can read here. While discussing the character of Ned Leeds in the film and his friendship with Peter, Tom Holland stated:

“He’s probably the most important relationship throughout the movie because he’s the only person who he confides in to talk about being Spider-Man.”

Zendaya, while discussing her supposedly original character of Michelle (though I would like to point out if her middle name starts with a “J” should could still be MJ, which would mean the filmmakers did not lie to us, technically speaking) stated:

“She’s weird, but she’s supercool to me because usually what she says is very real.”

And Michael Keaton even spoke on his character, Adrian Toomes in the film:

“I found it a really interesting approach to what you all want to call a villain — he does corrupt things in order to fight what he sees as corruption.”

If you have the Disney XD app I believe you can watch the whole special for yourself  as well as see it below and feel free to share any thoughts or opinions you might have about the new film in the comments below!

Source: CNet