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Universal Pictures has finally decided on a name for its Cinematic Monster Universe in “Dark Universe” only we also know that Warner Brothers has that same name set for its ‘Justice League Dark‘ film which might make you wonder if the two have a legal battle before them. As Warner Brothers’ own DC monster universe was going to have the same name, the studio isn’t thrilled at Universal’s decision. While no lawsuits have been filed at this point, it sounds as if the studio is weighing its options as they’ve been touting the name since 2013.

This actually was revealed in a recent feature on THR about Universal’s plans and names in the following paragraph:

“But the name Dark Universe could prove problematic for Universal. Warner Bros. already has plans for the title with a supernatural-themed Justice League movie and a series of announced comic books branded under the Dark Universe banner. Warners is mulling legal action, according to a studio source.”

Which isn’t fully correct as the comic with the name was cancelled a couple years back when James Tynion IV and Ming Doyle dropped out of working on it.

With just the unreleased movie that isn’t the best case for Warner Brothers. Especially since it looks like Universal registered a slew of trademarks six years ago to cover movies, toys, and any kind of merchandise under the sun. This wasn’t a fly by night naming choice and has apparently long been the company’s planned title.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised when I initially heard the name after how the DCEU has been showing off the same one for their own monsters for years at this point though after seeing that Universal has had it planned this long I think that they’ll have a stronger case.

Do you think either company will part ways with their own “Dark Universe” and go with a different name? Who do you think has more of a claim to it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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