If you can’t get enough of the original adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It,’ then the upcoming documentary ‘Pennywise: The Story Of It‘ will absolutely be of interest to you and we’ve got some new details about it to share with you today! For starters, we’ve learned that the length of the documentary itself is currently set to clock in at four hours. This will also include a full 2 hours of footage from the set which has never previously been released such as outtakes, behind-the-scenes moments, and so much more! This documentary will be perfect for the fans who always feet that Tim Curry as Pennywise is the ultimate scary clown.

Outside of these scenes, ‘Pennywise: The Story Of It‘ will also include a huge pile of interviews with the cast and crew and take a look at the cultural impact the film has had in the last 28 years. Director Chris Griffiths also states that they plan to “tell a story heard by few and showcase a wealth of behind-the-scenes footage and photos seen by even fewer.” That two hours of previously unseen footage will do that alone. Not to mention checking out the fear of clowns, or coulrophobia, which has swept the nation since the movie was first released.

Want to know more about what is going into the documentary and how you can help? Check out their IndieGoGo campaign video below!

The studio behind this has previously done quite a few documentaries such as ‘Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ and ‘You’re so cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night’ so they have plenty of history putting together a quality piece of work which will be informative and entertaining.

At this point the documentary has already raised over half of it’s budget over at IndieGoGo and if nothing else you can use this as a way to pre-order your own copy!

Are you planning on checking out ‘Pennywise: The Story Of It’? Which of the known features are you most interested in so far? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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