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Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor are back!

No, they’re not returning to the show anytime soon, but David Tennant and Billie Piper are reuniting to record a new series of Tenth Doctor audio dramas for Big Finish Productions. The series, dubbed ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Vol. 2’, will encompass a set of three full cast audio dramas, each of which will clock in at about an hour in length.

As the title of the set implies, this is the second series of audios that Big Finish has produced with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (prior to his casting, Tennant acted in minor roles in several Big Finish audios), following his much-ballyhooed reunion with Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble last year. More significantly, this marks Piper’s first involvement with ‘Doctor Who’ since the fiftieth anniversary in November 2013 and her first appearance as Rose Tyler since her departure from ‘Doctor Who’ in 2006.

The following synopses for the three individual stories were made available as part of the announcement on Big Finish’s website:

The set opens with ‘Attack of the Zaross’ by John Dorney, in which an alien invasion of Earth isn’t quite what it appears to be – Camille Coduri guest stars as Jackie Tyler.

In the second adventure, ‘Sword of the Chevalier’ by Guy Adams, the Doctor and Rose arrive in Slough in 1791 and encounter Chevalier D’Eon, an enigmatic ex-spy who has lived his life as a woman. Together they must fend off alien slavers who have come to Earth to abduct valuable humans.

Finally, in ‘Cold Vengeance’ by Matt Fitton, the TARDIS arrives on Coldstar, a vast frozen food asteroid in deep space. But there is something sinister defrosting in the network of storage units… the Doctor’s old enemies the Ice Warriors!  Nicholas Briggs plays Ice Lord Hasskor and Warrior Slaan.

In addition to the synopses, Big Finish has also released a trailer for the upcoming series:


In addition to the ongoing ‘Tenth Doctor Adventures’, Big Finish is currently producing a ‘Torchwood’ revival, and continuing their flagship range of ‘Doctor Who’ audios, which has been running since 1999 and includes appearances by nearly every past Doctor and companion

The second volume of ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures’ is scheduled for release in November of 2017. As has been the case with similar audio collections in the past, the stories will be made available both individually and as a set. They are currently available for pre-order both digitally and on CD at the official Big Finish website.

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