Brilliant TrashTim Seeley (‘Grayson’,’Hack/Slash’) might be most well known for his work on ‘Nightwing’ but now he’s delving head first into the realm of science fiction with ‘Brilliant Trash’. The book will be released through AfterShock with art by co-creator Priscilla Petraites.

The book opens with Jerusalem being destroyed by a superhuman teenage girl in a world where anyone can be a superhero. However, this dystopia has the new superhumans having a cost which only one journalist has discovered, and it is a price that most will be unlikely to pay in the long term. Mainly, because the power comes from taking “time off your life.”

The journalist is in the crosshairs of everyone involved from the company behind this plot to teenagers who are trying to find out more about their new superpowers.

When talking about the new series, Seeley states that:

“Brilliant Trash is the kind of sci-fi we don’t see that often in comics. It’s not a far off planet or the distant future. There are no ships and no aliens. It’s the story of the ‘word of tomorrow,’ torn directly from the headlines, about an America that might be waiting for us. It’s cautionary, but it’s also action packed and fun.. It’s a cyberpunk superhero story pulling inspiration from William Gibson, Robocop and the social media- fake news-superhero-obsessed world we live in…


I think the art by Priscilla Petraites and Marco Lesko will really grab people. This is her first U.S. work, and she’s doing really beautiful work. The world that Brilliant Trash takes place in is really well established visually…it’s a dirtier, messier, more visually polluted version of our own, and we get to see our lead, Kennedy Avis running her ass off through its grimy underbelly. BT is a fusion of a lot of genres, because our own world is quickly becoming a crazy ass story in its own right.”

The fact that we start off with a character named Lady LastWord destroying Jerusalem lets you know that not only are the stakes high but that there will be controversy in the issue. Why does she do it? According to Seely, “We’ll see that motivation unfold over the course of the first five issues.”

This is a new direction for Seeley after working on ‘Nightwing’ but as “the tropes of superhero comics are ever changing” Seeley feels that with “society’s current fascination with super powers means I have to use that in a story about our new future.”

It sounds like quite an interesting take on the superhuman genre and mixing in teenagers, death, conspiracy, and our current obsession with comics it could be quite a fun read!

Oh, and we’ve got some preview art to enjoy as well:

brilliant trash

Are you looking forward to ‘Brilliant Trash’? What do you think will be the reaction when the first issue drops? Share your thoughts below!

‘Brilliant Trash’ will be available in comic shops everywhere on November 15th, 2017!

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