creepshow‘Creepshow’ is a graphic novel released in 1983 and is the adaption of Stephen King’s novel which shares the same name. Said collection was based on the 1982 anthology film which the creator of the modern zombie himself, George A. Romero had directed. The art in the book was brought to life by the amazingly talented and sadly recently deceased Bernie Wrightson.

The new re-release has just come out from Gallery 13 which is an imprint of Gallery Books that is “dedicated to publishing both original content and adaptations.” With how long this has been out of print, anyone who has been dying to get their hands on a copy has much reason to rejoice!

These five stories are a tremendous tribute to the horror comics of the 1950’s and share the same vintage style of those books. If you enjoy the type of artwork and story found within I would highly suggest looking into the EC Comics which Dark Horse Comics has been collecting and re-releasing over the years.

Creepshow_4The stories bring a great mixture of both humor and horror to the page, and the creators truly did an excellent job at them.

Things kick off with “Father Day” which is all about revenge from beyond the grave which is done in a most gruesome manner. Following that up we see “The Crate” whose life is quite miserable until finds happiness within said crate in quite the ominous of ways. “Something to Tide You Over” also shared the revenge theme with a mix of adultery and karma thrown in. The fourth installment is “They’re Creeping up on You” where we see a man of pure evil taken down by his greatest fear. Finally, we have “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” which doesn’t fit into the realm of revenge and is based on King’s short story “Weeds” where a meteor is found by the leading character.

You can guess that in a story penned by King that nothing good can come from it.

The entire anthology has not only aged well but should be enjoyed by fans of classic horror, Stephen King in general, and comic books. The vintage style is refreshingly beautiful and the masterful artwork and colors by Wrightson pop off the page.


Written by: Stephen King
Art by: Bernie Wrightson
Gallery 13
May 9th, 2017

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