If there is one thing that ‘American Horror Story’ has never shied away from, it’s definitely pushing the envelope.  The televised horror-anthology series will be premiering its seventh season later this year, and while many of the details surrounding the show’s plot line have been kept secret, we’ve been given a few tidbits – and now have a look at some concept art that comes directly from the stuff of nightmares.

So, what do we know so far?  Well, the new season will kick off with a plot surrounding Election Night from last year’s US Presidential election, where Donald Trump won the Presidency by taking the Electoral College even though his opponent, Hillary Clinton, garnered millions of more overall votes.  The hotly-contested results have fractured an already-contentious two-faction population, so there is naturally plenty of existing “bad blood” for the AHS creative team to build off of.

On his Instagram page, showrunner Ryan Murphy shared this creepy-ass concept art, with the terse accompanying text “American Horror Story Season 7 tease:”

ahs concept art

No info has as of yet been given, relevant to what the concept art entails or how it would factor into the season (if indeed it is still in the “finished product” of what viewers will see on TV).  The easiest connection, of course, is that the “mascot” of the US Republican Party is in elephant, and this is one strange-looking elephant man or mask.  Could a blood-thirsty donkey, the mascot of the US Democratic Party, be far behind?

The seventh season of ‘American Horror Story’ will likely premiere this Fall on the FX Network.

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