SPOILER ALERT: The second part of this article contains SPOILERS for the upcoming episode of ‘Doctor Who’ entitled ‘Knock Knock’.  If you want to avoid SPOILERS, you may wish to turn back.

‘Doctor Who’, with all its monsters and Cybermen and such is always kind of creepy, but the upcoming episode, ‘Knock Knock’ is reportedly the scariest of this season.  In it, Bill (Pearl Mackie) moves into a new “dream house” which obviously turns out to be anything but.

Here is the official synopsis:

Episode 4: ‘Knock Knock’, written by Mike Bartlett, directed by Bill Anderson:

Next time on an all-new Doctor Who, Bill is moving in with some friends and they’ve found the perfect house – so what if it’s strangely cheap to rent, and the landlord is a little creepy? The wind blows, the floorboards creak, and the Doctor thinks something is very wrong. What lurks in the strange tower at the heart of the building – and why can’t they find any way to enter it?

The big mystery if what lies within the “tower” of this manor.

First, check out the trailer for the next episode:

And now, here is an extended cut of Bill and one of her roommates investigating their strange new abode:

If the scenario looks a little familiar, it’s because it appears that Bill and her roommates move into the same house from the 2007 episode ‘Blink’ which featured the first appearance of the creepy Doctor villains the Weeping Angels.  And ‘Knock Knock’ will feature the return of these antagonists.  For the uninitiated, the Weeping Angels are scary concrete angel statues that come to life when no one is looking.

The Weeping Angels don’t actually appear in either clip, so of course it’s possible that they won’t actually be part of the story, but the fact that they used the same building– Fields House in Newport, South Wales– would at least imply that these recurring villains will play some role in this story.

So far, Season Ten has met with largely positive reception and every season of ‘Who’ includes at least one “scary” episode and this looks to be the one this time around.

What do you think?  Would you like to see the Weeping Angels return?  How do you think Bill will fare when faced with them?

The episode will air at 9pm Eastern on BBC America.