Jessica Lange may have left ‘American Horror Story‘ on good terms but has made it very clear that she is done with the series, although creator Ryan Murphy is hoping to lure her back for the upcoming crossover season. What had originally started as a season long horror anthology series has slowly been twisted into a singular shared universe and an upcoming crossover season will have many of the show’s stars returning to prior roles. Only, Murphy, and probably the entire audience, wants Jessica Lange back on board for it.

The idea will be to combine the characters and plot themes from both ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’ though it is unclear as to which characters would be returning and in what capacity. Both Murphy and Lange still have an excellent working relationship as she is attached to his other project ‘Fued, ‘ and hopefully he can entice her back. I’m just curious as to if she would place Constance from ‘Murder House,’ Fiona from ‘Coven,’ or perhaps even both characters!

When asked what he thought the chances were on her return Murphy stated that:

“I think she would if I bribed her enough, you know? I haven’t really talked to her about it at all because we are still figuring out that story, but I think we do want to do that.”

Lange has always been one of the fans favorite actors on the show and the idea of not only bringing her back but as a character from one of the two best seasons that we’ve seen so far would have audiences thrilled! I know that I would be.

The one thing which could prove confusing though is how many of the actors in these two seasons played multiple characters. Not only would we have to figure out who they were playing this time around but Murphy could always throw us a curveball, and either have the actors play both, a character from another season, or have the characters within the show mistake the actors for their other character.

Think of the logistics nightmare! If anyone can figure this out though I have faith that Murphy will be the one to do so while delivering us a fun season on top of it.

Are you looking forward to the ‘American Horror Story’ crossover season? Do you feel that we’ll see Jessica Lange returning to the show and if so as which character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Guide

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