grasshopper-jungleEdgar Wright (‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’,’Shaun of the Dead’) is adapting Andrew Smith’s YA novel ‘Grasshopper Jungle’ for the big screen and it looks like New Regency will be releasing it. Thankfully, this isn’t another dystopia YA story as we won’t be seeing something like the ‘Hunger Games’ here. No, in this one we’ll actually see a teen and his friends unleash an army of giant praying mantises upon the world which spells doomsday for all living life on Earth. Yes, you read that right ladies and gentlemen – giant praying mantises.

We’ll get back to the plot in a moment. What we know so far is that Wright will be directing the film based off of a script by Scott Rosenberg with Matt Tolmach and Nira Park producing. New Regency was in a bidding war with Netflix to get the movie made, and we all know that if they were interested, even without Wright’s name attached, this would have to be an exciting project.

There is no word as to if this would go into development before or after Wright’s already announced 2019 film of ‘Shadows.’

Back to the plot, ‘Grasshopper Jungle’ is both about exploring love as a teenager as well as putting people in an apocalyptic environment. The lead character, Austin Szerba, is a young man in Ealing, Iowa who is dealing with sexual confusion as he is attracted to both his girlfriend and his best friend, Robbie. The best friends are attacked and unintentionally are involved in the release of a plague which creates giant Super Soldier Praying Mantises which spent all of their time eating and mating.

So teenage drama mixed with giant bugs hellbent on eating all of humanity is what we have to look forward to here. Sounds interesting!

Are you looking forward to ‘Grasshopper Jungle?’ Do you feel that Edgar Wright will make this a visual feast for the eyes? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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