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The end of another Doctor’s time is upon us.  As ‘Doctor Who’ comes back from its extended hiatus, fans already know that this will be the “swan song” for Peter Capaldi in his stay as the Twelfth Doctor.  This too is also the last season under current showrunner Steven Moffat, who has served as head writer and executive producer of the show for years but is now stepping aside to focus on ‘Sherlock’ and other projects.  In his place, Chris Chibnall will take up the mantle – but not before Moffat works hard to send Capaldi out with a bang.

This season promises wild adventures, with new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie), recent T.A.R.D.I.S. traveler and hanger-on Nardole (Matt Lucas), and not one but TWO incarnations of the good Doctor’s nemesis, The Master (Michelle Rodriguez and John Simm).  In a recent interview with EW, Moffatt further elaborated on another facet the Doctor will have to deal with this season – more alien monsters!

“By nature, I’m just excited about all new monsters, but we’ve got some wonderful stuff! We’ve got a serpent that lives under the Thames in the shape of the Thames which, now that you realize it, the ‘EastEnders’ title sequence has always clearly been about a giant snake. We’ve got the Emojibots, which are small, cute, and communicate by emojis and turn you into skeletons, so that’s brilliant. We’ve got the most shiver-making creatures in [writer] Mike Bartlett’s episode — not going to tell you what they are… but I guarantee there are moments that will make you go ‘URGH!’”

Even though he just said he wouldn’t, Moffatt did elaborate a bit on the details of Bartlett’s episode:

“I’ve been looking at some of the effects for episode 4 and you think, ‘Oh my god, are we putting that on television?!’ It’s really properly gross and magnificent. We’ve got a new enemy, which I won’t talk too much about, but we call them the Monks, though that’s not really their name. We’ve got a fabulous Scottish creature, care of [writer] Rona Munro — The Eater of Light. The Ice Warriors are back with a new wrinkle and, of course, Missy is there — always with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor — he’s up against Missy, tested and teased and entranced by his oldest friend and wickedest enemy.”

Are you ready for the new monsters and the new season of ‘Doctor Who’?

The new series (season) of ‘Doctor Who’ premieres on BBC on April 15, 2017.
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