The Duffer Brothers have stated that the follow-up to their smash Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things’ will be more of a sequel than a second season.  This makes sense, because the first season felt like one long movie, which fused elements from dozens of classic sci fi, horror and other films, mostly from the 80s.

Ross Duffer explained:

“Will goes missing is like [when] Carol Anne goes missing in ‘Poltergeist’ and then you get Carol Anne back.  That feels like a movie. In the sequels, you’re still following that family as terrible things happen, but it’s a different tension and characters are dealing with other things.”

Producer Shawn Levy added:

“The plan is to continue with this set of characters while introducing a few critical key new ones next season. So I’ll just say that a lot of the big mysteries get answered at the end of Season 1, but we are very much kind of unearthing new problems and questions that merit future stories and future investigation in the most enjoyable way. So we are in love with our cast and our characters. Things end up being resolved to some extent at the end of Season 1, but not entirely. And that’s why we’re so hopeful we get another few seasons to live with these people a little longer.”

As the log line for Season 2 the sequel reads:

“When terrifying supernatural forces once begin to affect Hawkins, they realize Will’s disappearance was only the beginning. And so the adventure continues …”

One thing that will certain help mix things up is the introduction of three new characters.  Though the sequel won’t arrive until next year (probably in July, like the first installment), here’s a pretty hefty reveal:

Max is a tough and confident 13-year-old female whose appearance, behavior and pursuits are more typical of boys than of girls in the era. She has a complicated history and has a difficult relationship with her step-brother Billy that’s made her protective of her past and generally suspicious of those around her. She’s also good on a skateboard, which she uses to get around pretty much everywhere.

Max’s step-brother Billy is a super muscular, overconfident 17-year-old. He’s so captivating and edgy that there are rumors flying around that he killed someone at a past school he attended. Billy steals peoples’ girlfriends, is a drinking game pro and drives a black Camaro. But his violent and unpredictable nature shows itself to those closest to him, especially to ones who are younger than he is.

Roman, meanwhile, is described as a male or a female of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 and 38. After growing up homeless with a drug-addicted mother, he or she suffered a great loss at an early age and has been seeking revenge ever since. Roman is ultimately an outsider who doesn’t understand how to connect with people.

The Duffer Brothers teased that they weren’t sure Eleven would be back, but that has to be a cruel joke!  But in the meantime, could Max serve as something of a replacement?

And as we saw at the end of the last episode, bully Steve has turned over a new leaf, so Billy will obviously be filling that void.

Roman is a bit of a mystery, but one theory is that he or she is seeking revenge for Barb, since that is something that has already been revealed to play a part in the upcoming cycle.

What else would you like to see in ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two?

Source: /Film, Collider