Well, if you did not get enough Stephen Amell on ‘Arrow,’ or thought you would be missing him this summer when all of the CW superhero shows go on hiatus, fear not, for you can see the man literally in action over on NBC when he joins a host of other celebrities competing on ‘American Ninja Warrior.’ The series is set to debut their celebrity edition on May 25th. Amell announced his involvement with the show via Twitter this week (check out the Tweet below, plus all the fan reply Tweets), which came as no surprise to anyone who remembered comments the actor made last year when he expressed interest in being on the show.

A lot of people have commented on the fact that Amell is well known for the salmon ladder he regularly works out with on ‘Arrow,’ which is one of the many challenges on ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ so clearly it is one obstacle he should be able to overcome. Over the years the man has gone out of his way to train in many techniques that would prove useful in his role as Oliver Queen including archery and parkour, so he has proven to be very athletic. Plus on ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ he is being paired with former Olympian Kacy Catanzaro as his coach, so he definitely has a lot in his favor going into the competition, though it should be stated that it also comes with a lot of pressure. Should he fail early on, he is sure to get a lot of comments from people who claim he clearly plays up his athletic abilities way more than he should, but for now, all signs point to Amell being a serious contender for ‘American Ninja Warrior.’

Are you excited to see Amell join the other celebrities this summer in the competition? Do you think he will be up to the challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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