While the DCEU has pulled from many areas of DC’s comics in order to build their attempt at a movie empire, we’ve just learned that Joss Whedon will be heavily leaning on The New 52 when he crafts his take on ‘Batgirl‘ for the shared universe. While talks have just begun with Warner Brothers on bringing Whedon into the mix, it seems like he has Barbara Gordon in mind for the movie which seems to be the perfect fit. Assuming that J.K. Simmons isn’t going to be killed off in ‘Justice League’ then it would be the perfect excuse to bring such a talented actor back into the DCEU.

Not that I would cross off the idea of Ben Affleck’s Batman making an appearance or possibly even a reference or inclusion of Nightwing depending how far that standalone is in development at the time. Hell, if they go with ‘The Killing Joke‘ having been partially realized in this world we could even see Barbara finally recovering from her run-in with the Joker which left her confined to a wheelchair for years.

This could mean that she isn’t just back in uniform for the first time as Batman was hinted to be in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ but dealing with a spinal injury which had left her paralyzed on top of that. The strength of a woman who decided to go back into physical crime fighting once again after years of recovery seems like just the kind of angle that Whedon would love to show on screen.

Sources have stated that Gail Simone’s darker work would be the influence here and not the more playful version which was also presented.

What do you think about Whedon using Barbara Gordon for his take on ‘Batgirl?’ Was there any doubt that he’d go that route or were you hoping for one of the other iterations? Will this be a Barbara who is in recovery or will the movie start her out at full strength? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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