This weekend will bring the seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ to a close and while we don’t know exactly how it will play out, Andrew Lincoln has shared one scene that he wanted Rick Grimes to have. We don’t have confirmation that it will be in the upcoming episode but according to Lincoln, showrunner, Scott Gimple said that it would be. With how many ongoing plot points are still going on and the war between Rick’s factions and Negan’s Saviours about to kick off, it seems like there might not be time to fit in individual actor requests.

Of course, the idea that the war will be done in the next episode with so much to show still seems a bit far-fetched in itself.

So before I go into what Lincoln has shared, we can expect I do have to warn you that this could spoil one of the scenes from the upcoming episode.

So what is the scene Lincoln is excited for?

“All through shooting the season, I kept telling Scott, ‘As long as you give me a Henry V-St. Crispin’s Day speech at some point in the future, I’ll take it.’ So that will be coming. There’s your spoiler.”

The speech above is one of the most classic in literature when it comes to a leader giving a speech that provides hope for his soldiers going into war. My money is almost on this speech being at the very end of the episode right as the first shot is fired and things fade to black.

I just can’t imagine that we’d get through the entire war and not end in a cliffhanger before it kicks off judging by how each and every season of the series has ended so far.

We’ll find out this Sunday!

Are you looking forward to the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead?’ Do you think that Rick Grimes will give an epic speech that will motivate all of the factions he has brought together? Will the war kick off in the finale or are we going to have to wait to see how things play out? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book

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