Although the season 1 finale of ‘Legion’ does not air until this week, enough is known about the storyline based on the build-up leading up to it that audience members and comic-book fans are wondering just how much the series will shift tones between Season 1 and 2. With the introduction of the Shadow King and letting David know about his father, does that  mean ‘Legion’ is going to be following the comic storylines more closely next season, especially after having such a free reign story-wise in Season 1? During a call recently with

During a press call ahead of the finale of ‘Legion,’ Noah Hawley addressed the issue of the sudden introduction of some major ‘X-Men’ plot points and characters into the show, and what that might mean for Season 2 storylines:

“I think as we do with ‘Fargo,’ I think fans who are really familiar with the at world, they really appreciate certain connections and a sense of being rewarded for knowing the stories so well. But at the same time, my goal was always to sort of use this character as a way to have a conversation and tell a story that was my story, that was interesting to me, and to try to get at the heart of what this character is and [what] this journey is for him, not literally sort of reenacting issues of the comic book, or storylines from the comic book. So, I don’t think you’ll see the show suddenly look to the comics for storylines but you may see ideas or characters or images that are familiar to you.”

The big question following the season finale of course, is how they are going to address the Charles Xavier issue, as David is now going to have many questions about his biological father, who’s DNA is responsible for the immense powers he has, and who clearly attempted to protect him from the Shadow King featured in the finale. But whether or not Hawley and company will be able to use Professor X and whether they will be able to use one of the actors that has portrayed him on the big screen is anyone’s guess:

“I think that’s something we’re definitely going to approach. It’s a creative conversation, but it’s also a sort of corporate conversation, you know, on some level, in terms of the movie studio and their relationship to the X-Men and the characters they want in the movies and want to protect potentially. And were we to want to have Professor X on the show, or even Patrick Stewart on the show, James McAvoy or one of those actors, is a conversation both with the actor and with the studio. So, I don’t know, I haven’t really dived into that quandary yet, but certainly I need to start thinking about it.”

Make sure to check out the finale all the way to the end of ‘Legion’ for yourself when it airs on FX this coming Wednesday, March 29th at 10pm, and share your thoughts on the future of the acclaimed show in the comments below!

Source: CBR