Perhaps the cult-iest of cult classics, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ is zooming back with a new cast and new episodes next month and Netflix has released a new quick-cut trailer for it.  Viewers catch a glimpse of classic robot hecklers Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo as well as Gypsy, as well the show’s new anchor Nerdist podcaster Jonah Ray, who steps into the Joel Hodgson/Mike Nelson role, going by the name Jonah Heston.  Ray has joined Hodgson and original cast members in recent MST3K live events in order to introduce himself and help fans adjust to the idea of him in the new show.  (I’ve seen and heard him in action and he’s GREAT!)

Also featured in the clip are Patton Oswalt as TV’s Son Of TV’s Frank and Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester, the daughter of Trace Beaulieu’s Doctor Clayton Forrester, and I must say, she does a fantastic job of mimicking Beaulieu’s speech patterns and mannerisms.  And Oswalt, of course, just LOOKS remarkably like Frank Conniff’s TV’s Frank.  Also look for Mary Jo Pehl to reprise her role as as Pearl Forrester, Clayton’s mother and Kinga’s grandmother.

Despite the original show’s longevity, it never lost its humble DIY feel and that is still apparent in this new update.  Reportedly, the first film to be mocked on the new iteration will be the 1961 Danish-American monster movie ‘Reptilicus’.  There will be a total of 20 new films in this first batch of episodes.

Check out the new cast in action below:

In addition to the show’s original creator, Hodgeson and Ray, the writing team includes Elliott Kalan, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Dana Gould.

Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn take over as the voices of Crow and Tom Servo, respectively.

The new series was funded through a Kickstarter campaign which raised over $5 million!

New episodes of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ will be available on Netflix on April 14, 2017.