In the last set of clips we saw from Marvel’s upcoming ‘Inhumans’ it became apparent that Black Bolt was running from the police and in this new one it looks like they’ll be catching him. Not the best luck for the leader of the Inhuman Royal Family and with his power set, this isn’t something that he’ll be able to easily talk his way out of unless he wants the entire jail to come crashing down around him that is.

For those who don’t know Black Bolt’s power set, a mere whisper can cause damage and one of the scenes which were filmed sounds as if he flipped over a police car by yelling at it. Honestly, at this point in the comic if he were to yell it might mean the end of the Earth itself.

Here’s the new footage and shots thanks to Twitter:

Interestingly enough if a scream and not a whisper is what took down the police car, this could mean either we’re just seeing him become Inhuman and his powers haven’t developed. That or they’ve somehow been neutralized. Let’s be honest here, a severe downgrading of his powerset would be a bit of a waste.

What do you think of an out of costume Black Bolt being taken in by local authorities? Is this the leader of The Inhumans that you’ve been waiting for? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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