rapture-1We found out last month that Valiant Entertainment had a team up with Ninjak and Shadowman in ‘Rapture‘ and today the publisher has released the first look at the book! While we obviously don’t know the full story as of yet, this preview is from the first of the upcoming four-issue miniseries! Matt Kindt (‘X-O Manowar,”Dept. H’) is always good for a solid story and knowing that he has teamed up with CAFU (‘Rai’) means that it will be a beautiful one as well.

This tale promises to potentially have ramifications on “everyone in its wake” and I’m curious as to if we’ll see the fallout hit any other areas of Valiant’s universe.

The premise for this team up is that “Ninjak unites with the fallen hero known as Shadowman for a harrowing journey into the Deadside…where the very fate of the Valiant Universe lies at the mercy of an ancient evil with an unspeakable connection to the origin of the Shadowman lore itself…”

According to Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons:

“RAPTURE marks a major turning point in the lives of Ninjak and Shadowman thus far. One is driven by his intellect and cold, calculating rationality; the other is literally a host to a magical entity from another realm. They couldn’t be more dissimilar, but at their heart, they share a common bond – one that Matt Kindt and CAFU are going to blow wide open as the truth about Shadowman’s origins and the genesis of Valiant’s greatest powers stands revealed. In scope and intensity, this is ‘Lord of the Rings’ for the Valiant Universe, and RAPTURE will have major ramifications for everyone in its wake.”

Fans of Shadowman are going to be thrilled as we’re finally going to learn more about the mysterious character. That being said, I’m not sure how either Ninjak or Shadowman are going to handle taking orders from a 12-year old girl who has joined these two with Punk Mambo as Earth’s last line of defense.

You can check out the preview panels below!









Are you looking forward to checking out the ‘Rapture’? What aspects of Shadowman do you suspect we’ll find out? Share your thoughts below!

‘Rapture’ #1 is set to be released on May 24th, 2017!

Source: Valiant Entertainment

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