WinnebagoGraveyard01_cvrA_351_540Anyone who loves horror comics is excited when Steve Niles (’30 Days of Night’,’Criminal Macabre’) has something new coming out, so I’m thrilled to tell you that he has teamed up with artist Alison Sampson (‘The Wicked + The Divine’,’Genesis’) to bring us ‘Winnebago Graveyard.’ While the book was initially announced at Image Expo, we have quite a few new details to share with you. The one thing we can tell you off the bat is that the book “promises to take readers on a plot-twisting road trip filled with mystery this June.”

The book finds us following an American family who is “traveling on vacation” who find “themselves stranded in a small town with a sinister secret.” The story is being described as a “horror-adventure, road trip” road trip has them come across “is filled with creepy fairgrounds, nefarious characters, seedy conspiracies, towns full of Satanists, and a teenager. What else could possibly go wrong?”

Satanists, fairgrounds mean clowns, and who knows what manner of creatures will be in this books futures. I doubt they’ll give us the biggest secrets in the promo and with Niles in charge, there should be plenty of unexpected fears popping up throughout each issue.

You can tell that Niles is excited about this piece of work when he says:

“It can still make your spine tingle with fear when you’re out on your own looking for help in a hellishly scary place. Winnebago Graveyard is all about that kind of terror.”

The thing I’m probably most excited about is the tone and era that we’ll be reading about as Sampson says not only that the book “draws heavily on 1970s horror films” but that:

“It’s about 70 percent Americana, slightly heightened, like True Blood, and about 30 percent ripping off of heads.”

I suspect that we’re going to be in for a real treat. Even if Niles weren’t the man in charge, the plot and style of art sound like it would be a lot of fun to read.

Are you looking forward to ‘Winnebago Graveyard’? What are you expecting from the series when it is released? Share your thoughts below!

‘Winnebago Graveyard’ #1 will be available in comic shops on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017!

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