Despite the so-so reviews already out on the 6 episodes released for ‘Iron Fist,’ there is still hope for the latest series to come from Marvel/ Netflix. First of all, there was a lot of negative press going into the series because of the all of the folks wanting Danny Rand to be played by an Asian-American actor that put the show in a bad light to start with (and potentially tainted a lot of reviewer’s opinions), but also it seems some of the best surprises and most intriguing characters of the season will not be making an appearance until the later half of the season, at least according to the two stars of the show.

During a recent interview with Yahoo, Finn Jones (Danny Rand) and Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing) spoke about the series and any potential surprises, trying to see if maybe there would be a surprise appearance by Iron Fist’s famous villain Steel Serpent. The stars could not answer directly because the back half of the season has yet to be released to the media, but they left their answers pretty vague:

Henwick: There are two characters who come into the second half of Iron Fist season one who haven’t been announced yet.

Jones: It’s so frustrating not being able to announce them.

Henwick: It’s so frustrating because they knock it out of the park. But there’s one in particular who fans are… it’s a comic book character who’s not been seen before and at the end of Iron Fist they set him up in a really interesting way… I think for me, that’s the most interesting relationship on the show.

Of course, Yahoo pressed them for more information, and almost got direct confirmation, but Jones held back at the last second:

Jones: Maybe that’s what we were just errr… My publicist is looking at me with devil eyes. Hey look, that’s going to be announced very soon so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s announced before these [interviews] even come to print.

Henwick: I think you guys will be able to figure out who we’re talking about.

Then again, one could say that holding onto important characters like this and not revealing them till late in the season is not the smartest move by ‘Iron Fist,’ or any show, and it also did not work that well in ‘Luke Cage,’ where they introduced the villain Diamondback LATE in the season after Cottonmouth died and I did not find Diamondback all that engaging or entertaining, and really wish they would have stuck with the character of Cottonmouth who they had been building up all season. Hopefully, they do better with ‘Iron Fist,’ especially if the surprise late addition character is the  Steel Serpent as he is a major player in the Iron Fist mythology and could help raise the stakes considerably for Danny Rand.

Do you have any theories on how it could all work on ‘Iron Fist?’ Are you still excited for the show, or have the bad reviews caused you to lose hope? Share your thoughts on ‘Iron Fist’ in the comments below!