While ‘Logan‘ is the last time that Hugh Jackman will be playing Wolverine, it is by no means the end of the character. We’ve just learned that the actor will have a say in whoever eventually replaces him. While we all know that Fox wouldn’t go without their most iconic X-Men for too long, it is clear that it will be a few years before they eventually give the claws to someone else.

This new information came out when Simon Kinberg was being interviewed about the future of the X-Men Cinematic Universe. While he did stress that there were no talks about replacing Jackman at this time, when it did happen he would be intimately involved in the process.

“We haven’t even thought of the next iteration of Wolverine. For all of us, we were keeping our fingers crossed that the audiences would respond to ‘Logan’ the way they have. I can’t visualize in my head another Wolverine, but — if that day ever comes — we would talk to Hugh [Jackman] about it.”

More than likely they have thought about it but know that the fan reaction to such a quick recasting announcement would be highly negative. Wolverine might be one of Fox’s and Marvel’s most lucrative characters, but a quick recast after he just died would bring about annoyance and not celebration.

Are you happy to hear that Jackman will be involved in helping find his replacement when the time comes? How long do you think Fox will allow for Logan’s corpse to rest before bringing him back into the fold? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Deadline

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