We’re in the height of “other media” properties being turned into movies; a plethora of books, video games, and comic books are all being bought up by production companies and given the “big-screen” treatment.  That’s all well and good – but does it seem odd that a comic book series would be created just for the express purpose of turning it into a movie?  Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with ‘Alien Bounty Hunter.’

A product of a smaller, independent comic company, Vault Comics, ‘Alien Bounty Hunter’ is being “produced” by (read: funded, probably without any actual creative input from) film star Mark Wahlberg and his longtime business partner Stephen Levinson.  The series, which is expected to debut at San Diego Comic Con this Summer before starting its monthly run, will be written by Adrian F. Wassel (Vault’s Editor-in-Chief) and David M. Booher, illustrated by Nick Robles, and lettered by Deron Bennet.  Even though Wahlberg’s involvement on the project is highly touted, it was Levinson who actually created the concept of the series.  The company seems to make no secrets about the fact that they are creating this series expressly with the hopes that a film production company will buy the rights to it.

Wassel describes the book as being “an homage and a send-up of every adventure flick and action hero we’ve ever loved.”  The terms “homage” and “send-up” aren’t usually used together that much, so it’s tough to decipher what kind of vibe the series will actually have.  Here’s the “official” description that Vault gives for ‘Alien Bounty Hunter:’

“Ben Madsen is tasked with apprehending a wanted fugitive… but quickly learns that his target is not of this world. Madsen must track his mark through an alien enclave populated by the galaxy’s most dangerous aliens—right here on Earth.”

We’ll see how the series shakes out.  For now, here’s a look at the cover and a few interior pages of the first issue.

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