If you couldn’t get enough of the preppers who were trying to secede from the Untied States in ‘Briggs Land’ then you’ll be happy to hear that Dark Horse is revisiting the series with ‘Briggs Land: Lone Wolves’! The book will be penned by writer Brian Wood (‘The Massive,’ ‘Channel Zero’) with art by Mack Chater (‘Ashes,”Six’) and color by Lee Loughridge (‘Fables,’ ‘Hellblazer.’) Covers are being handled by Matthew Woodson and Kim Jung GI.

When we jump into ‘Biggs Land: Lone Wolves’ we’ll see Isaac Briggs trying to come to terms with his military service by hiking the trails in Briggs Land and enjoying the solace of nature. Things are going along fine until two backpackers stumble across the area, and things go from innocent to dangerous with the Briggs family about to be exposed to the media.

This mini-series will run six issues long thought here is no indication as of yet if it will at all be part of the new series which Brian Wood is working to bring to AMC. If anything, this would likely be a future season of the show as it would take awhile to build to this point.

We’ve got a few shots from the issue to share with you as well which you can check out below:



Stunning art as usual. If this is even half as good as the previous series, then you know that this will draw you in and not let go until the bitter end.

Are you looking forward to reading ‘Briggs Land: Lone Wolves’? Share your thoughts below about the preview images!

‘Briggs Land: Lone Wolves’ #1 will be in comic shops on June 14th, 2017.

Source: Dark Horse.

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